Energy Shift Starts October 27, 2014

Why am I here? How can I help others? Am I making a difference? What’s the point anyway?

If you have been asking yourself any of these questions recently you most likely aren’t alone. This is the kind of energy that we are experiencing right now. The Universal energies also support us as we ask these questions and search for and evaluate what’s important in our lives and what is ready to “let go” of. Are you ready to open to new possibilities and a Universal year of abundance in 2015 or will you choose to resist, struggle, and feel challenged? It’s up to you.

The Sun has shifted and is in Gate 28. It is connected to the Spleen and is called the Gate of Struggle. This energy amplifies your need or desire to question life’s meaning. During this time you may even feel like nothing seems fair. Remember the Spleen holds the energy of fear and it can give you false signals that are often misread. This is a time when your Human Design type’s strategy for success can really help as you navigate these energies.

The Earth shifted to Gate 27 which connects to the Sacral Center. This is called the Gate of Responsibility. With this Gate activated you may feel compelled to contribute to the community and feel stronger compassion for helping and providing for others. For some of you the energies of teaching the masses about proper use of the Earth’s resources are strong.

Give what you can to others; however, you are not responsible for their happiness. There is nothing to fix! Nurture yourself. Rest. Be patient. Trust.

The Gate of Responsibility, like last week, also connects to your value system. It promotes strong feelings of compassion which may make you feel more responsible for others at many levels. The Gate of Struggle invites you to use your strategy for success. Have fun practicing. Be mindful of your choices right now and how you choose to help others. Know what amount of effort and energy you can expend. If you begin to have feelings of “being rejected” then know that the Gate of Struggle is active, alive and well. Breathe, relax, find your center and remember your strategy for success. All will be well.

Both of these Gates can have an emotional component especially when you want to push your ideas and values on to others. This is a time to respect each individual’s journey and experience. They are where they are in the moment and so are you. Accept. If they are open to receive input from you then provide it without any expectations. You might think of yourself like Johnny Appleseed planting seeds and never know when they may sprout and grow.

This shift began Saturday and will last through Thursday. Another shift begins Friday. WooHoo!

How are the energies shifting during November?

The Month of November provides many opportunities to practice trusting your guidance; knowing what truth means to you; and finding a deeper connection with Source/All That Is. We are invited to become conscious in the choices and beliefs that we hold as we redefine the value of work and money in our lives.

What do you believe? For example, do you believe that working harder will bring more abundance in your life or do you believe that trusting in the abundance of All That Is and allowing infinite possibilities and resources to support you will lead you to working smarter and increasing the flow of abundance and prosperity in your life?

Friday November 1st the Sun moves into Gate 44, the Gate of Alertness, which connects to the Spleen. This Gate carries the energy of wanting to want others to feel good about things. It also connects to the sense of smell and gets intuitive hits when someone is trying to trick you or not telling the truth.

As with all energy there is a range that includes extremes. On the one hand the lower vibration of Gate 44 can hold a fear of not wanting to repeat mistakes from the past. When this energetic vibration is amplified you might feel regrets. The beauty of this Gate is that it can connect with the past and is capable of helping you see old patterns, habits, and what is perceived as mistakes. Really, are there any mistakes or just experiences? This awareness helps so that different choices can be made in the present.

We will see the Earth Gate move up to the Ajna Center. This is Gate 24, the Gate of Rationalization. It carries a mental energy that is limited by your experiences. You may find yourself feeling intense and preoccupied at times. You may also feel like you want to solve life’s puzzles. Remember the mind is a place that remembers the past and solves problems using logic and reason.

This is a time to focus on connecting to All That Is which is the energy of Source and is limitless. Using your guidance and trusting your intuition is important to achieving your desired outcome. Once you trust this guidance then your logic and reason can kick in so to speak to help evaluate and sort options.

Remember to use your Human Design strategies for success!

For Manifestors, please remember to inform others about what you are doing. Manifesting Generators please remember to inform and wait to respond before you act. Generators, please remember to wait to respond before you act. Projectors will experience more success when they are invited to participate.

Be aware that each person you meet is experiencing their own journey of awakening and has their own strategy for success which may be different from yours.

May Your Heart Be Filled
With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

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