Energy Shift Starts November 12, 2014

So many ideas and so little time! Sound familiar? Being patient continues to be important.!

This week you may feel inundated with lots of new ideas. You might even feel like these ideas are sooooo good that they might change the world! These new energies are amazing and feel completely different from last week’s energies, don’t they? You probably feel like you can’t wait to get started too. What’s going on?

The Sun is in Gate 43 which is also known as the Gate of Insight. It connects to the Ajna Center and is full of mental energies and thoughts. So, it really isn’t surprising that this Gate provides an opening and an opportunity for new ways of looking at life and responses to be experienced and evaluated.

The Earth is in Gate 23 which is also known as the Gate of Assimilation. Imagine that this Gate energetically brings information down to the Throat Center so that you can express your new found insight. Just remember that these insights come from your new ideas and everyone else is being influenced by the energies this week. Don’t be surprised if people aren’t ready to hear your ideas and insights. Many will want to share their own. Be patient with yourself and others during this week. Wait for the right time to share your ideas and trust that your success will increase when you are invited to share them.

What do you believe? Is it time to change old ways of thinking before you share your new ideas?

Take a few deep breaths or walk in nature. Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. When your mental chatter has quieted please check in. Are you ready to change old habits, patterns, or beliefs that might be required before your new insights and ideas are ready to be shared? Ask Higher Self, “Does this idea serve me and the greatest good of all right now? Am I ready to share my ideas? Is this the right time? What in me needs to shift or change before I share my ideas?”

You might find that journaling your answers is helpful. With so many ideas, thoughts, and mental energies this week take time to insure that you’re grounded in your physical body. How can you stay grounded? For example: deep breathing; visualize your grounded connection with Mother Earth; use grounding crystals like black tourmaline; walk in nature; or try grounding sprays.

Whenever the Gates come down from the Ajna Center these are considered to be mental energies and ideas that are looking for the right time to be implemented. When the energies come up from the Sacral Center you can think of them as the “workforce energy” and you know when the time is right to bring new ideas to reality.

Have a blast this week. Smile, laugh, and giggle too! Enjoy these shifting energies. Remain in the flow and release resistance and frustration. Have fun!

Remember to use your Human Design strategies for success!

For Manifestors, please remember to inform others about what you are doing. Manifesting Generators please remember to inform and wait to respond before you act. Generators, please remember to wait to respond before you act. Projectors will experience more success when they are invited to participate.

Be aware that each person you meet is experiencing their own journey of awakening and has their own strategy for success which may be different from yours.

May Your Heart Be Filled
With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

p.s. Please comment and share with those you love!

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