Energy Shift through December 31st…

Due to the holidays we have looked ahead and want you to know that this Energy Shift will take place through December 31st.

Ideas, ideas, and more ideas continue. Is it the right time? Keep checking in and remember to be patient!

Last week we mentioned that this energy is very strong right now and continues through this week. Since Sunday the Sun has been in Gate 11, the Gate of Ideas. You may still feel overwhelmed with so many ideas whirling around in your head. It is a very mental energy that is working right now. Remember to BREATHE! The ideas will still be there and now is a time to let them germinate and rest. Soon the seeds of your ideas will be ready to sprout when the time is right! You are a Master Gardener so rather than force your ideas to sprout and bloom before they are ready take a deep breath, relax, water, and nourish them. See what grows.

The Earth is in Gate 12, the Gate of Caution. Do you still feel like you want to share your feelings? This energy is still present. Again, please check in and ask, “Is this the right time to share my thoughts and ideas?” Timing is everything as the old saying goes. During this time you may feel compelled with your mind & thoughts to want to do something . . . anything will do, right? Not. Trust that when it’s the right time you will know and ideas will flow.

On Saturday, December 20th, the Sun will shift to Gate 10 which is also known as the Gate of Love of Self. With this energy activated there is great potential for you to feel and realize the magnificence of your own empowerment. During this time the energy of your own identity will be amplified. Although others will feel empowered you will amplify and reflect their empowered self to them. How cool is that?

Patience, patience, and more patience! How fun it is to practice patience, right?

It is important to check in and see how you feel about yourselves and what energies you are sending out. Take a moment and close your eyes. Do an internal scan and notice what you are feeling within your physical body. Does anything feel different? What do you notice? Do you feel empowered or do you feel the energies of panic and stress that we associate with the Holiday season? Both energies, the empowerment and victimhood, are strong at this time. Your experience will be determined by your choices and how you respond to these energies and others.

The Earth moves into Gate 15 also known as the Gate Extremes / Rhythm. During this time you may experience some highs and lows or for some of you like you’re on a roller coaster particularly as you navigate the rhythm of life. Finding peace, calm and serenity is very important right now. Imagine your aura being expanded and preceding you wherever you go. Because of this your thoughts & emotions are sending out subtle frequencies to others.

Now is a good time to practice what you consciously want others to feel from you. Since your energy field is very strong and amplified please take a moment to slow down, breathe, ground and reconnect with your High Self. This way you can find your own rhythm and not get overwhelmed with the energies of others or send confusing energies to them. Celebrate the amazing Light and Love you are.

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Joy abounds as we transition to Christmas Day.

On December 25th the Sun shifts to Gate 58, the Gate of Joy. What a perfect time to feel supported by the Universe as you relax and celebrate the holiday with family and friends.

The Earth shifts to Gate 52, the Gate of Stillness. Although you may still feel impatient to have something happening with your ideas it is still a more introspective time-a time for reflection. As you look back on 2014, the year of internalization and transformation, what do you feel grateful about? Acknowledge and celebrate each of your successes. What is your vision for 2015? Do the ideas that were swirling still feel right or are you ready to make room for new ones? Remember that All is possible and the only limitation is your imagination.

Remember to use your Human Design strategies for success!

For Manifestors, please remember to inform others about what you are doing. Manifesting Generators please remember to inform and wait to respond before you act. Generators, please remember to wait to respond before you act. Projectors will experience more success when they are invited to participate. Remember each person you meet is experiencing their own journey of awakening and has their own strategy for success which may be different from yours.

We are very excited as we look ahead to 2015 which universally supports the energy of abundance. You may be feeling this shift already. Once again we are offering our signature program Reclaim Your Power. . .Recapture Your Brilliance™ beginning in February. As a special Holiday Gift and “Thank You” we are offering a $222 savings through 12/25/14 – just enter Coupon Code HOLIDAY222. Click here for information and registration.

May Your Heart Be Filled 
With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

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