Energy Shift from August 11th – August 17th

Hello there! We’re back! WooHoo!

We hope you haven’t missed our reports tooooo much! LOL

What’s been up with us? We, not too surprisingly, have been navigating the waters of change and internal transformation. Although it has been happening at the same time it’s been unique and individual for each one of us. Whew! It’s been like a sabbatical.

Sorry if you’ve missed us. For now, we are ready to begin again. How cool is that? For me, Victoria, the journey is like the spiral – always unfolding with no beginning or ending – ever expanding. WOW!! How about you? How have you been feeling lately?

One of the biggest gifts that Gisela and I have both learned during this quiet time is that it’s ok to be quiet and take the time it takes for integrating whatever is changing within us. This is the journey after all – returning to our true and divine nature. Evaluating what’s important and not. What we believe and not. Who we are now and who we are becoming. So cool. Amazing isn’t it?

Have we resisted? Of course. Have we breathed deeply and accepted? Yes. Are we on the other side of it, so to speak? For now, yes. Will it continue and happen again? Absolutely!

WooHoo. Nothing remains the same. We are so grateful and so happy that there are others who are experiencing the same thing. We are also grateful to Annie Bossingham and her program The Artistry of Channeling that has supported us through this next stage of our own journeys.

Are you ready to claim your experience and continue your journey of growth and expansion? Well then, welcome aboard. You’re not alone! We feel honored and blessed to assist.

Let’s see what’s happening now with the celestial energies.

There are many ways to interpret these energies. Astrology, Numerology; the Gates in Human Design; and forms of information are available. However, the most important form is found through what you think, believe, and intuit. Does this make sense? These other forms are fabulous tools that are available to assist you. Limitless resources are available, right?

Let’s look at Numerology and the gates of Human Design to help us understand what’s going on with the energies during this time frame, ok? Remember, using Numerology, 2015 carries the energy of the number 8. This month, August, is also the 8th month and carries this Universal energy. It is connected to personal power, self-confidence, executive ability, inner-strength, abundance, material freedom, business achievement, responsibility, discernment, giving and receiving, dependability, practicality, consideration, and inner- wisdom.

This is a perfect time to remember that it is up to whether you shine your inner light and individual uniqueness or decide to hide it. Does this make sense?

Each one of you is individually beautiful and unique. No one is the same. You have chosen to be here and have the opportunity to co-create a fabulous and rich life. It’s a time of being more consciously responsible and making conscious choices. Remember, you are the co-creator of your life; the artist, musician; poet; or writer. What life do you want for yourself, family, or friends?

Using Human Design, until today the Sun is in Gate 7, the Gate of Self in Interaction. It is connected to the Identity Center. This energy is powerful and awakens the role of leadership within each one us. You might find leadership expressed in various ways. For example, you might find that you have some great ideas and want to move forward with them feeling clear and fully energized. You might also find yourself supporting projects and use your leadership skills to bring people together and reach a beautiful consensus toward a common goal using the strength and power of many to accomplish things.

Sounds pretty empowering doesn’t it? There is no wrong or right way that leadership is expressed. We would caution you to be aware of the inner dictator that might want to emerge! Breathe and make sure you are centered before moving forward. Ask, “Who’s in charge as I’m feeling this way?” Slow down and regain your inner balance and perspective then move forward, yes?

What’s going on in the Earth Gate?

The Earth is in 13, the Gate of The Listener. It is connected to the Identity Center. This brings a special energy, one that requires compassion and wisdom. It is a magnet that draws others who want to share their intimate stories. It helps us to remain open and listen to others. You may feel more accepting and acknowledge their efforts and challenges through the stories they share. During this time you may feel a strong sense that it no longer is “all about you”.

Listen and find the pearls in the relationships that have become so dear to you. You may even find strangers seeking you out. It’s a great time to remain open to listen, really hear, and feel the unexpected surprise of these new connections.

The key to this experience is to learn to remain patient and only respond with advice when you are asked. Once again, being asked to listen and hear someone’s story isn’t always an invitation to offer solutions. Sometimes it’s more effective to not offer advice. People are able to solve their own stuff when heard!

Here’s a heads up!

On Wednesday the Sun moves to Gate 4, The Gate of Answer. It is connected to the Ajna Center. This Gate provides the energy that activates the mind; likes solving problems; and wants to understand things. Be aware that many of you like to “fix things and solve problems”. These feelings may feel stronger during this time. Be aware that you may be finding solutions to problems that do not even exist. Remember to breathe and find your center when this compulsion appears. Ask, “Is my wanting to fix or solve this problem serve the highest good?”

Use your tools. There are so many to help during this time. Walk in nature, meditate; move your body; or breathe.

The Earth shifts to Gate 49, The Gate of Principles. It is connected to your Solar Plexus. This is a relationship Gate and your interaction with others will be fueled by your principles. This energy amplifies how you feel. It also helps to know when it’s time for change or when something in your life is no longer working.

Since Gate 49 is also connected to rules and agreements and your emotions watch out for decisions you make in the heat of the moment. Once again, use your tools. Breathing is so powerful. Before critical decisions are made use your deep breathing and remain centered.

Gisela and I hope that this info has been useful and helpful. We are grateful for each one of you and would love to hear from you. How has this time been for you?

Remember to use your Human Design strategies for success!

For Manifestors, please remember to inform others about what you are doing. Manifesting Generators please remember to inform and wait to respond before you act. Generators, please remember to wait to respond before you act. Projectors will experience more success when they are invited to participate. Be aware that each person you meet is experiencing their own journey of awakening and has their own strategy for success which may be different from yours.

May Your Heart Be Filled
With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

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