Human Design: Get To Know Yourself
with Gisela Arenas  

Are you ready to Get To Know Yourself?

Your Human Design chart is basically a snapshot of the personality traits that you are born with based off of information such as your birth date, birth time, place of birth, & birth name.

It shows the DNA of who you are and the things about you that are unlikely to change. At the time we are born into this world, we are imprinted with a very specific list of attributes based on what is happening cosmically at that time.

It is basically a description of all of the personality traits that you exhibit to the world during your typical day. While the environment can influence our decisions, the ways that we go about making those decisions are very much ingrained in us the same way our genes and DNA are.

In Getting To Know Yourself with Human Design you will:
  • Get to know your Human Design “Type”

  • Discover your 9 different centers and if they are defined or undefined

  • Understand how channels & gates work

  • Know your Profile and how others see you

As you delve deeper into your Human Design you will:

  • Understand more about yourself and the nature of your innate personality

  • What your type's strategy is that you should use in order to make the best decisions for your life

Start flowing with your natural rhythm...

Start finding out how to stop struggling with yourself and go with your flow.

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Look forward to assisting you on your journey!

Gisela Arenas
Human Design Specialist
& Vibrational Energy Practitioner


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