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There are many benefits in receiving a Human Design personal reading. This  can give you critical insight into your life and the way you should govern your major decision making processes. It can help you understand the things about you that are inherent and also show how to use your personal strengths to over come your weaknesses.

Every day of your life you are exposed to the energies of others. You absorb these energies and react to them in different ways. This is called “conditioning.” Conditioning is continuously occurring and will continue to do so for your entire life. If you aren’t aware of the insight that Human Design has to offer you in regards to how to react to these energies, you may mistake them for your own and consequently, react in a manner that is not appropriate for you.

“De-conditioning” begins the moment you are taught how to understand your own personal Human Design. As soon as you can grasp how to appropriately utilize your design you begin a seven-year process of de-conditioning. This amount of time is specific to the span it takes to replace all of the cells in your body. As this cell replacement takes place and you simultaneously put in to practice all that you have learned regarding your specific design your life will begin to flawlessly align. Then, by the end of seven years you are living a much truer depiction of what your life should be. You will be happier and more fulfilled than ever before.

There are several things that you can expect during the “First Phase” of your Human Design mapping. Each of the following things is tailored to the unique time and circumstances that you came to enter the universe. The bullets below are vitally important to making the necessary improvements to live your life to its fullest purpose and begin on the road toward de-conditioning. After your first session you will have an understanding of:

  • Your Human Design Type
  • Your specific decision making strategy
  • The authority that influences your decision making
  • The emotional theme of your life

There are five different and equally essential types in the Human Design system. You have to know your  Human Design type before you can know the very specific way that you should strategize making your important life decisions. Your decision-making strategy may be one of the most important components to utilize in Human Design. Since this aspect is so important, it can take years to master and fully understand. Continued coaching by an expert in Human Design can help you become fluent in your own strategy. Your authority consists of a complex make-up of your centers and your type. Once you know your authority you can begin to change old, damaging patterns in your life and replace them with healthy and appropriate ones. The emotional theme of your type can be your biggest adversary if you don’t understand how to combat it. Often times, if you are feeling bogged down by your type’s emotional theme then you have strayed too far from your decision-making strategy. Learning to understand what your emotional theme is so that you can recognize it is essential to staying on your Human Design path to happiness.

What can you expect from a Human Design reading with Gisela Arenas?

Gisela is a joy to be around. Her comforting and soothing nature will immediately put you at ease. Within minutes of the start of the session, her knowledge and intuitive nature will shine through. Gisela has been a self-practicing believer in Human Design for many years and has made empowering others her joy and passion. As a Projector herself she is compelled to invite others in to her knowledge base and share in all that it has to offer. Becoming a Human Design Specialist has become her tool to access her deep-rooted calling to help others improve their lives. She loves to watch others transform and utilizes her skills in Human Design to help them do so. She also holds a love for Numerology and is a Vibrational Practitioner utilizing Energy Healing and sound. Gisela has been perfecting her life-long ambition of guiding others and has found Human Design to be an excellent way to channel that passion.

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Gisela Arenas
Human Design Specialist