The Wisdom of Numerology

Knowing the vibration of your numbers will reveal your soul plan, your soul’s purpose, your soul lessons, and obstacles. Pythagoras believed that the vibration or “tone” of the universe at the exact time of your birth has influence over both a person’s character and his or her destiny in life. We believe that each person’s numerological chart is a blueprint of who they really are. The numbers in an individual’s chart describe their essence, behavior, strengths and challenges, and how to improve the quality of life.

Gisela blends the insights gained from the vibration of your numbers with intuitive guidance in order to empower, expand your awareness, and help you embrace your full potential.

How does numerology and numbers help you know yourself?

The insights gained from understanding the vibration of your numbers can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses; gain insights to hidden talents; and connect you with your inner voice and true feelings.

The more you learn about yourself the more confident you will become, making it easier to deal with the occasional ups and downs in your life. You’ll be able to face major decisions with a better knowledge of who you are and satisfy the longing in your heart.

In addition to understanding yourself better you will also gain insights into the lives and hearts of the people around you. The peace you will begin to feel within yourself will let you become more open and understanding of others; allowing you to help them in their lives in ways you’ve never dreamed about.

Our personalized Numerology Chart gives you detailed information on all your numbers. When you have a personalized reading with us, we go into depth on how each number affects your life — personal, business and relationships.

The Life Path Number is the most important number within your Numerology Chart. This number has an imprint within your DNA and describes the nature of your journey through life

The Birthday Number is a special imprint on your personality that others can see it is a number of expressions. Through this number your energetic field lets others know if your personality is the nurturer, communicator, observer, mediator, adventurer or humanitarian. Owning all the gifts of expression within yourself is the ultimate achievement. It gives others the opportunity to embrace you more fully and to accept you for who you are.

The Attitude Number represents the personality traits and social skills you display for the world to see. Knowing your Attitude Number can give you details and insights about yourself as well as how others see you. It can inform you of the way you think in particular circumstances and the way you react to various situations.

The Soul Number can be described as your inner voice or true feelings. It is essentially the core part or your entire being! While others may not see all of your gifts and talents on the surface, your Soul Number can help bring them to fruition and unlock your hidden dreams and aspirations.

The Personality Number represents the part of you that is apparent and open for the world to see. It serves as your first impression to others and is only a piece of yourself that you feel comfortable sharing.

The Power Name Number is another element that shows the strength of your name and provides more insights into yourself. Names have a power and presence of their own. What you choose to be called everyday has an immediate impact on your life.

The Destiny Number describes all that you are to achieve and accomplish in this lifetime. It signifies all of the possibilities, opportunities and talents you will have at your disposal. The Destiny Number can illustrate what you are truly capable of and will help you to reach to your highest potential.

The Challenge / Opportunity Numbers represent all of the hurdles we face in life. They are the unexpected life struggles that help us grow and become better versions of ourselves. Although it may not seem like it during times of hardship, all of our life lessons are unique to each individual and are meant to help us develop as we master the challenges.

Personal Year Number is valuable in determining which life cycle we are in and can help predict what is to come in the future. As the years go by, we shift and change through different life cycles.

Personal Month Number changes every month. Each month offers a new beginning vibration for each one of us. The Personal Month Number briefly describes the lessons/experiences that are possible during particular months.

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