Energy Shift for the Week of September 29, 2014

Energy Shifts for Human Design

Trust that everything is in Divine order.

One thing we know that is constant is that the planetary energies always shift. Every 6 days we can feel it more intensely because that is when the gates in Human Design show us the shifts. Human Design, a wonderful tool, provides insights that help us know how to respond to these shifting energies more easily.

For the rest of this month and October the energies are connected to new ideas. This doesn’t mean that immediate action should be taken. During this time it will be more successful if you wait to be invited to share your ideas. You may also feel a heightened sense of intuition. It’s a time to let go of fear and the need or desire to control things. Learn to trust in Divine order and time. Be patient.

There is no right or wrong way to navigate the energies during this time.

Free will of choice in how you respond to these energies and experiences is what it’s all about.

The energies have shifted to Gate 18 in the Sun and Gate 17 in the Earth. The energies and the insights from both gates support waiting until you are asked to share your insights before offering them. If you try and force or share your insights before you are invited you may find that others can misconstrue your message and intention and this may create unnecessary conflict that could be avoided.

The outer expression of the Sun, Gate 18, is called the Gate of Correction and is connected to the Spleen. Here you have intuitive insights that can create different ways of looking at and doing things. When these insights apply to others you are better served during this time to wait to share the information until you are asked so it can be appreciated, heard, and not sound harsh.

The grounding energy of the Earth, Gate 17, is called the Gate of Opinions and connected to the Ajna (Mind). It is a mental energy and the insights are unproven ideas. During this time you may find resistance and conflict if you try and push new and unproven ideas. You may find that your ideas will be more easily heard and received if you wait for the invitation to share them. This approach softens how your information is presented and heard. It increases the opportunity that your information won’t be thought of as opinionated or harsh. Your opportunity for success in having your ideas accepted rather than rejected increases significantly.

The best tools to use that can help this week until the energy shifts on Friday is to breathe; have patience, listen and know that you don’t have to fix anything for anyone. For some of you this is a big one! When you are asked to share your insights they will be appreciated and received as gifts by others. A great way to avoid conflict during this time!

Here’s a heads up so don’t be surprised!

On Friday we shift to the energy of Gate 48 in the Sun, the Gate of Depth, and you may feel like you don’t know enough to push a project through to completion. If this happens it may be energies of fear coming from the Spleen that want to protect you. This energy, at times, can leave you feeling like you don’t know enough and need lots more information before anything can happen.

You may find yourself getting into a cycle of wanting to read more books or take more classes before you feel comfortable in taking the next step. Breathe and check in. Ask yourself, “Is this additional information necessary at this time?

Another question to ask yourself, “Is fear holding me back or serving me in a way that this project will be more beneficial at another time?” Once you know the answer to these questions then you can choose what to do.

The grounding energy of Gate 21 in the Earth, the Gate of the Treasurer is connected to the Will Center. The energy in this gate is all about control of physical resources. You may feel like you are being pushed and pulled in opposite directions. On the one hand you have the fear energy of the Spleen and on the other hand you find the controlling energy of the Will Center. These are both strong energies. Ask yourself, “What resources do I need to move forward and are they available now?

Remember that you are in charge of the choices you make during this time and can live out the highest expression of each Gate’s energy by checking in and using your Human Design strategy for success. As you check in are you connecting with your High Self? This connection provides the most clear insights and information that enable you to live out and experience your highest joy and excitement.

For Manifestors, please remember to inform others about what you are doing. Manifesting Generators please remember to inform and wait to respond before you act. Generators, please remember to wait to respond before you act. Projectors will experience more success when they are invited to participate. Be aware that each person you meet is experiencing their own journey of awakening and has their own strategy for success which may be different from yours.

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