Energy Shift for April 28th – May 5th

Think, think, think, analyze, sort and prioritize. How do I rationalize the choices I’m making? Does this sound familiar? It feels like lots of mental energy swirling around, right?

The Sun has shifted to Gate 24 which is also known as the Gate of Rationalization. It connects to the Ajna Center which we associate with the Mind. During this time don’t be surprised if you find yourself preoccupied with your thoughts and wanting to figure things out when maybe they can’t be. We find a more scientific mind energy that is very intense.

You might feel like a broken record, so to speak, because you find yourself in a repeating mental loop that returns over and over again to the same starting point of a situation. Are you exhausted yet? Whew! “What am I trying to accomplish”, you ask?

You might find it’s as simple as wanting to know if what you are trying to co-create or accomplish is important and valuable. You may even ask, “What’s the key message or essence of what I’m doing?” So why is this important?

During this time you are invited to explore possibilities and revisit old potentials. Be aware of intellectualizing them in order to avoid making mistakes. What about taking that wonderful and exhilarating leap of faith right now? You may feel more reluctance and find yourself wanting more assurance and guarantees!

If this happens take a few deep breaths and remember you can practice patience and wait for the right time. Ask your High Self, “Is this mine to do right now?”

If your mind feels like a runaway train you may experience moments that feel like paralysis and fear to move forward or you might feel extra pressure from others to do something before you are ready.

This is a great time to possibly do nothing. If you find your mind on overload take a walk in nature and notice the beauty around you. Connect with your own inner beauty and feel more peaceful and balanced. Connect with all of your senses. What do you feel? What do you smell? What do you hear? Be aware? Can you sense as you view the tree you see?

Remember the mind has no certainty at the mental level and it can potentially lead you to make wrong decisions. Always come back to your Human Design strategy and then feel and connect with your Higher Self before making decisions during these energies.

Let’s not dwell in the past. It’s time to revisit and release what no longer serves you. I know, there are times that we sound like a broken record. Remove the labels of success and failure. Why? You just made them up, right?

The Earth has shifted to Gate 44 which is also known as the Gate of Alertness. It connects to the Spleen Center.

With both of these Gates activated we find that there is a deep cellular memory of the past. You may find that you are more sensitive as you remember past successes and failures. In fact, it’s great if you can remember that they are only past experiences without labels. The labels are the ones that you have created, yes?

Please check in and ask your High Self, “Have all old and past energies been cleared? Have I forgiven me for holding experiences that no longer serve me?” If so, please ask to release them and practice self-acceptance and forgiveness. Create positive intentions and affirmations. Take time for you to quiet your thoughts and seek clarity by moving into your heart space and asking High Self to help. Align and trust with the direct knowing of the Spleen energy.

This is a great week to revisit and check out your tool kit. There are many ways that are helpful to calm your thoughts and help you feel more balanced and peaceful. We know you have a variety of them so dust them off and put them to use!

Remember to use your Human Design strategies for success!

For Manifestors, please remember to inform others about what you are doing. Manifesting Generators please remember to inform and wait to respond before you act. Generators, please remember to wait to respond before you act. Projectors will experience more success when they are invited to participate. Be aware that each person you meet is experiencing their own journey of awakening and has their own strategy for success which may be different from yours. 

May Your Heart Be Filled
With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

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