Energy Shift Started June 3rd

Have you felt kind of weird or unusual lately? How many of you have felt like you have been in a holding pattern? Have you wondered why the creative spark hasn’t been there? Notice whether this time has felt comfortable or not. You may have even thought, “What in the heck is going on? This isn’t normal for me or I feel like a slug and don’t know what is next!”

Don’t worry, if this feels familiar then know that you have been experiencing what we call “being in the pause”.

We have noticed that for many of you, including us, the past couple of months have been a transformative time. It’s been a time of internal transformation and getting to know ourselves more. Have you found this to be true too?

We often use the image of an onion and think of it as a time of peeling layer after layer. In this case the peeling has been focused on becoming more of our true and authentic selves — remembering and claiming our own Divinity and becoming more LOVE; being open to receive more magic in our lives. Words often are too limited and can’t describe the experiences as we try to explain them to others, right? That’s ok. The important part is how you feel as you go through them.

Being in the Pause, so to speak, can be thought of like taking a sabbatical while great inner integration and transformation take place. This is a time to BE quiet, allow, claim, and embrace the changes going on within you. It’s been a time for some of you to clean your inner closet; open to new possibilities, magic and miracles. It’s also been a time for rest, reflection, relaxation, and rejuvenation as old habits and patterns change. This has been what’s been happening to both of us.

Some of you have been diving into the deep end of the pool as well and asking, “What in my life am I doing because it makes me happy and what am I doing out of duty and obligation–shifting and changing accordingly.

In these changing times have you noticed how you navigate these often turbulent waters? Are you like the smooth flowing river going with the flow or have you found those rocks and obstacles where you want to force change? Which way works better for you?

Being in the Pause is a natural way to process change and integration. And there is always the excitement as you begin to come out of it so to speak where the creative spark is ignited and the anticipation of what’s next as you begin to co-create with All That Is. It’s a cycle that takes place many times during your life. How will you choose to navigate it?

How have you felt this week?

Has it felt like you are coming out of the pause with new creativity and drive? Do you feel more focused and energetic? The Gates of Enthusiasm and Detail/Focus were activated which fuels the desire for change.

The Sun is in Gate 35, the Gate of Change. It connects to the Solar Plexus which in Human Design is the center of your emotions. You may be feeling more intense energies that urge you to want to explore new things. If you are influenced by this Gate don’t be surprised if you feel more productive and want whatever you are doing to be of value and important. Because this energy can feel restless and boredom comes easily please move into your heart space and ask your High Self, “Does this change serve my highest good or is it a distraction to keep me busy and feeling productive and not bored?” Does this make sense? Checking your emotional energy and feelings while you take the time to find clarity is important to ensure a successful outcome.

The Earth is in Gate 5, the Gate of Pattern. It connects to the Sacral Center. It supports us as we choose to change the patterns and rituals that are outdated and no longer serve us replacing them with new energies that are more in alignment with this new time. The full moon energy also brings the shift of higher frequencies of consciousness for us to access.

When Gate 5 is defined within your Human Design chart it is natural for you to have a set routine or patterns in order to feel productive and effective. Some of you may find change easier than others. If you feel resistance to changing your routine please ask, “What am I afraid of? What in me is resisting this new change? Does it serve my highest good?

Take some time for you during this time. Spend time in your sacred space; take a walk in nature; or notice the beauty, sounds, colors, smells that surround you. These can be helpful ways to connect on a deeper level with your heart’s desire, inner wisdom, and embrace the more expanded and conscious you.

Here’s a heads up!

Beginning Tuesday, June 9th, we find the energy of the Gates shifting once again.

The Sun shifts to Gate 45, the Gate of Gathering Together. It connects to the Throat Center. The Earth Gate shifts to Gate 26, the Gate of the Trickster. It connects to the Heart/Will Center.

You may feel like the Universe provides an extra boost of confidence — one of knowing what will serve us or our family for the highest good. The vibration of Gate 45 oversees the abundance and success of your community or family. It helps to ensure that the health and prosperity of the community will lead it into a safe future.

You may find yourself focused outward and beginning to act on the seeds of vision that are sprouting and growing within you. Assess the resources you have available and continue to check in and ask, “Is this mine to do? Is it the right time? Does it serve the highest good? What resources do I need to bring this project or dream into form?” How does it feel? Will it be easy or hard? Will it be fun?

As Gate 26 activates you may find that you want to share your dreams and ideas with your family and others. This Gate is about truth and it’s rooted in integrity and provides guidance that comes from the Heart.

Since both Gates for the upcoming week have strong powerful leadership energies and Gate 26 is connected to the Will Center which has a strong motor energy it is important to check in with the strategy of your type to not sound like a salesperson while sharing your visions. Be your true self. Don’t push. Know that if your vision is in right time and yours to do then it will be easy and the resources you need will come easily.

Remember to use your Human Design strategies for success!

For Manifestors, please remember to inform others about what you are doing. Manifesting Generators please remember to inform and wait to respond before you act. Generators, please remember to wait to respond before you act. Projectors will experience more success when they are invited to participate.

Be aware that each person you meet is experiencing their own journey of awakening and has their own strategy for success which may be different from yours.

May Your Heart Be Filled
With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

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