Human Design Types: Projector, Generator, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator & Reflector

There are five different Human Design Types, each one essential and unique for humanity’s balance in its own way.

Once you identify your type, (we offer a free chart) you can begin to learn more about the nature of your innate personality. One of the most important things is the strategy that you should use for your Human Design type in order to make the better decisions for your life based on that type.

Here are a few brief descriptions of each Human Design type and the strategies for them:


Manifestors make up around only 8% of the population. Manifestors possess a great initiating energy. They have the ability to start many things, but this can be concerning to others who feel like they can’t keep up with the Manifestor or are unsure of what they will do next. Because of this, the strategy of the Manifestor is to inform. It is essential to the success of the Manifestor to inform those around them of their plans or intentions in order to keep others from feeling overwhelmed by their incredible need to constantly starting new things. This is very important in the grand scheme because the Manifestor gives the other four types something to respond to. Manifestors envision and the rest of us achieve that vision


The Generators make up around 37% of the world. Generators are the workhorses of the world and are meant to take the dreams of others and turn them into reality. Generators have the ability to work on a task until completion, even if that means risking complete and utter exhaustion. Generators have a purely responsive energy. As a result of this, the strategy for the Generator is to wait to respond. Generators should not go out into the world initiating action, but instead wait for an opportunity to present itself and then make a decision about the opportunity after asking themselves whether or not this is the appropriate action for me right now.


Next are the Manifesting Generators who make up about 34% of those around us. Manifesting Generators are exactly whom they sound like, exhibiting qualities of both a Manifestor and a Generator, thus making them a very complicated and unique type. When presented with an opportunity a Manifesting Generator will experience an initial gut response, if they feel in favor of the opportunity that will spark the next phase for them, which is to respond and begin working. As a Manifesting Generator it is imperative that you be patient and wait to find the work that is truly right for you. This will allow you to tap into that inexhaustible energy and achieve at your full potential.


Projectors make up 20% the population. Projectors have no defined Sacral energy, and because of this they are literally incapable of initiating action. They in turn, take the energy of others around them and mold it into something usable. Projectors are the leaders and the mentors of the world. Once someone recognizes them for their knowledge and value a Projector can help guide that person in the right direction. It is very important for the Projector to be patient and wait for others to seek them out for advice. Searching for others to share their seemingly bottomless well of knowledge with can leave a Projector feeling exhausted and frustrated. Because of this, the strategy for the Projector is to wait to be invited.


Reflectors are rare beings indeed, making up around only 1% of the population. Just looking at the chart of a Reflector can show you why they are so unique. They possess no defined centers and have a very white and open chart. Reflectors are mirrors that give us a clear picture of the environment around of us. If the Reflectors in our lives are happy and healthy, that is usually a sign that our environment is happy and healthy and that all others are correctly working their own types to their proper potential. Since Reflectors are Lunar beings, their strategy is to wait at least 28 days before making a concrete decision. This way they can properly identify whether or not the decision is truly right for them.

Once you have a fair grasp of your strategy and your type, you can gain even further insight by reviewing your chart. When reviewing your Human Design Chart, there are many things to consider, but first you may be wondering, “what is my chart type”?

Get your free chart here and learn more about what your Human Design Chart will show you.

Gisela Arenas
Human Design Specialist