Weekly Energy Shift – July 13th to July 18th

How are you feeling this week? Are you “thinking” or “feeling”?

Let’s take a look at what’s happening using the energies of Human Design. This week there is a lot of Head or Mental energy defined within the Sun and Earth energies. (Remember, the Sun is the outer expression of us and the Universe. The Earth is what grounds us). Both of these energies are about your ideas, dreams, and inspirations. They aren’t about getting things done. Please let go of any judgements if you aren’t completing things this week.

When you look at a Human Design chart check the gates that are moving up to the throat. These are the energies that support getting things started and getting things finished.

Gate 61 is in the Sun. This is the gate of mystery, inner truth, and trusting.

In other words you can think of it as the gate of knowing. From this gate we find ourselves asking, “Why?” We want to know the whole picture. We often know there’s something but we don’t know why. There is no logical or concrete information. You just know but may not know how you know. Does this make sense?

In our physical body and biology this gate is connected to the Pineal Gland. This is often known as the gland that connects us to our higher guidance/consciousness. Many of you receive your guidance through “knowing”.

The Earth energies are in gate 62 which carries the energies of detail and practicality.  This gate is connected to the throat and manifestation, bringing something into form, only happens when don’t let your mind and thoughts take charge. The supportive energy now is to trust what you know.

Isn’t this an ongoing journey for many of us?

Although you may be able to see the dream and vision and even look forward and see the results this is a time to allow your dream to percolate so to speak.  It’s a time to deepen your visions and share them with others. Let your dream unfold to its fullest richness and splendor.  This is not a time to rush, push, or force. Be in flow. Patience.

As you can see, each week the energies come in layers. Why? This gives us the opportunity and experience to connect with all aspects of our humanness. The mental level provides many opportunities for us to trust our intuition and not let go of our dreams and visions. The emotional level helps us to trust the bigger picture and release the emotions attached to our dream so that the vision can unfold in bigger and richer ways.

Are you mental or emotional in how you process? Using Human Design as a tool we find that 50% of humanity has their emotional solar plexus defined. The remaining 50% are open and therefore more mental. As you can see each one of us has our own experience of how we connect with these energies.

We find that the more you know and understand yours elf it becomes easier to navigate these ever changing Universal energies. How you respond to them is your own experience and helps create your next experience. There really is no right or wrong way – only your way!

We are so blessed to be our own unique selves. Our journey provides us with many experiences that help us remember who we are at our core and our true nature. Being conscious and aware also supports our ability to make choices for ourselves in different ways instead of blindly going through life without a clue! This is clearly another kind of experience isn’t it?

For those of you with lots of mental energy Gisela can relate. It is so important to be grounded before you act. If you are like Victoria with an emotional solar plexus it is really importa nt to take deep breaths and let the emotions pass before making a decision. Be conscious and aware. Your experiences are yours.

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May Your Heart Be Filled With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

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