Easter is a Time of Rebirth – Like the Magical Spring

We can learn so much from the magical season of Spring in our lives.

Spring is such an amazing time of transformation it is a natural way of wonder. We feel energized by the vibration of new beginnings that is filled with love.

After a stage of the winter dormancy, flowers, plants. trees and animals take on a new life… Transforming right in front of our eyes, beauty is everywhere.

We are influenced by the magical energy each day… the energy of new life we experience with each breath we take in. The energy of thought and belief we can shift and transform and create a new outlook again.

As I listen to the birds singing their morning song early in the morning, I hear the message of wonder and love that is for all of us to enjoy.

When I look at the roses that are blooming in my front yard, it reminds me of a beautiful space within us that is always ready to bloom, blossom and transform like a flower in a magical way.

Happy Easter - Happy Spring

From my Heart to yours… Happy Easter!

May your Heart Be Filled with
Peace, Joy and Love Always,

Gisela Arenas