Weekly Energy Shift – June 2nd to June 7th

This week the energies within the Sun and Earth give us a feeling of knowing where each one of us is right now and what is necessary to move forward. It is a more comfortable feeling than the energies we have experienced during the past few weeks.

The energies for the whole month of June are about being connected to the flow of energy and knowing when it’s the “right time” to get things done.

The Sun is in gate 35 and the earth is in gate 5. These gates will help us feel more relaxed and see our life experiences from a different level. Gate 35 is called the gate of Change. It reminds us that you can be the “observer” of the shift and growth experiences that have taken place in your life during the past few months.

Gate 5 is in the earth and is the gate of Rhythm. It supports the growth and change in us and lets us embrace new ways that support us moving in the right direction.

Mercury is in gate 15 to finish the whole channel. It also supports us as we find the rhythm to follow the flow of energy. This channel connects us with the energy of the “love of Humanity”. It helps us feel our connection to others and Mother Nature at this time.

So what’s yours to do as you navigate these energies? Go with the flow; BE in the moment; BE patient with you and others; and take a moment to go within and “feel” the shift within you. Breathe in and out and feel an inner peace that’s waiting for you to rediscover it!

I want to thank and acknowledge Victoria who has been editing these reports each week and giving them a magical flow. Since it has her imprint, too, I will send these reports with both of our names.

I leave Saturday for Germany so you will not get a report for 2 weeks from me. While I am there I will go back in time and not have any internet connection; however, you will remain in my heart.

We send our love …..

Gisela & Victoria

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