Weekly Energy Shift – May 21st to May 26th

Yesterday I could feel a shift of the energy vibration. There is a little irritability and quickly feeling like you are losing your balance. I am seeing and feeling these shifts in my interactions with others.

Looking at today’s gate changes puts it all in perspective. Gate 20 is in the sun and gate 34, that grounds us, is in the earth. This is the channel for the Manifesting Generators that keeps them busy and always looking for more actions. It can also feel like you’re spinning in circles.

So for all others who have the channel 20-34 and the sacral center open watch out for over extending your energy.  It’s easy to feel drawn in and want to keep doing things. We can pretend that energy is ours or you can check in and ask, “Is it mine to do?”

We also have a lot of movement within the slower moving planets, Venus and Uranus. Both are moving into gate 51. This is the gate of shock and unexpected. Remember we have a choice how to interpret the unexpected. Do you see it with a glass half full or half empty?

We are here to shift to the highest vibration of unconditional love for one self and others and sometimes we just need that little unexpected new perspective to shift us back into alignment. We are not here to suffer. We always have a choice.

Staying grounded and checking in is a great tool for this energy shift so that you can stay connected to your higher self without being influenced by the outer energies.

Relax and enjoy your Memorial weekend.

Many Blessings & May your Heart Be Filled with Joy and Love Always,


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