Release What’s Holding You Back, Receive Guidance & ReBirth
Your Life’s Passion

Live Your Soul Design

Over the years I have found a passion for assisting others in their transformational journey. Being passionate in helping others live a more fulfilled and happier life, I see the gift in each one of you. Through connecting with your heart energy and accessing your soul design our multifaceted approach assists you in:

  • Finding YOUR Passion & Embracing Your Divinity
  • Opening up to NEW possibilities
  • Seeing your LIFE in a new light
  • Releasing energies and old beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Giving you a detailed blueprint of Who You Are
  • Acceptance of your Soul’s Design
  • Finally making PEACE with yourself
  • Falling in Love with YOU!

I look at your life the way you orchestrated it in the past and help you shift and connect with your own soul design that will assist you to ACCEPT yourself and can give you the OPPORTUNITY to let your life flow with ease and grace instead of swimming upstream.

Have you been feeling:

  • Not sure of what direction to go in, or what comes next
  • Stressed out with mental chatter running your life
  • Looking outside of yourself for answers
  • Compare yourself to others… feeling like a failure
  • Not happy with who YOU are right now…

If you can identify with any of these, I would love to invite you to start your new journey now. We offer tailored services to fit your needs:

  • Live Your Soul Design Signature System
  • Human Design Consultation
  • Numerology Readings includes Personalized Numerology Chart
  • Vibrational Energy Healing Sessions
  • Group Classes — Individual Sessions

Be sure to find out your Life Path Number using our numerology calculator on the right and then fill out your name and email on top to receive your Wisdom of Numbers — What’s Your Life Path report.

Sessions and classes can be in person and via telephone — they are recorded for you in MP3 format so you can listen at any time. I work with clients all over the world and I can take Skype calls as well.

I look forward to serving YOUR personal growth and self-empowerment.