Energy Shift for the Week of August 13, 2014

Whew, the energy is really shifting. Can you feel it? Some of you may even feel more emotional now.

Have you felt energized and clearer lately? Things may even feel like they seem more divinely guided and flow more effortlessly. When you are in alignment with the universal energy it feels like this and it’s easy, isn’t it?

Many of us often feel like we have to “make things happen” though. Sound familiar? When we are in this frame of mind we are not in alignment with the universal energies. When things aren’t happening fast enough we often begin to judge and second guess ourselves. We might even describe it as feeling blocked, stuck, procrastinating, or heavy.

When you find yourself in this mode please remember that we are emotionally, mentally and physically connected with all energies. There are many tools like Numerology, Astrology, Human Design and other modalities that can help bring some clarity for our Human mind to understand and process what we are experiencing and feeling.

How comfortable are you “feeling” instead of “thinking”?

This is a time to allow yourself to “feel” more what’s right for you and give yourself permission to take a break and allow for things to unfold when the timing is right. This can feel very uncomfortable for those of you who like to be doing something all of the time. Take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments. Breathe. Smile. Trust. Let go.

We find the energies moving from the sun (outer expression of the universe) in Gate 7, the gate of leadership that wants to be recognized into Gate 4, the gate of answers. With this gate activated there is more support to be clear and find answers to questions that you have. You may feel that thoughts that have been percolating in your mind now have a quick and easy solution and are ready to emerge.

Please remember that this gate is connected to the Ajna so don’t let your mind make decisions. Remember to feel what’s right for you and check-in with your type’s strategy for success. Be more consciously aware of how you are making your decisions right now. Your approach can make a difference.

We also find the Earth (that grounds us) in Gate 13 moving to Gate 49, the gate of Revolutions. We are invited to look at our relationships and agreements. Please take a few quiet moments and ask, “How is my relationship with self my Higher Self and others?”

This gate connects to the Solar Plexus and with the clarity of Gate 4, the gate of answers; you may be guided to look at all of your relationships. Is there something in your relationship with your Higher Self, career, family, finances, or partner that is ready to shift and change so that you are in alignment with your highest good? You may find that Gate 4 also brings the energy to “let go” when things no longer are working for you.

So, on the one hand we find that we are invited to “feel” our way through the energies this week rather than “think” them through logically and we are invited to look at every aspect of our life to see what is ready to release, shift and/or change. How many of you “feel” comfortable moving through these areas? Another way to look at the invitation is to “feel” first and then use your logic and reason (mind) to help sort and prioritize your options.

The choice is yours to make. Have fun this week and play with a new way of dancing with these wonderful energies. What is there to lose? I hear an Argentine Tango playing. Be daring and bold! WooHoo!

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May Your Heart Be Filled
With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

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