Energy Shift for the Week of August 17, 2014

How do you respond to change? Is it comfortable or uncomfortable for you? Many of you know that change is always something we can count on, isn’t it? One thing the universal energy is teaching us right now is that change is constant and we are invited to find a way to live within the flow of life.

This week emphasizes the energies of speed and reflection.

Seems like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Imagine wanting to do something now and yet waiting until it’s the right time. We also continue to be invited to check-in and discover what serves us and let go of what does not.

With activated Sun and Earth gates within our body graph we can navigate these new energies if we remember to use the strategy of our Human Design type to check-in and see what we are committing to so that we minimize stress in our lives.

The energy of the Sun (outer expression) is in gate 29, the gate of Perseverance, and the Earth gate 30 is in the gate of Desire. So you may feel that your ideas and desires are intense and the feeling may feel so strong that you can’t wait to share and make them happen.

Gate 29 is connected to the Sacral Center and is a motor, so to speak, that Manifesting Generator and Generator Types are very familiar with. This work force energy and the tendency to over commit and say yes without checking in is normal. If you are one of these Human Design Types you may feel like the energizer bunny who wants to keep going and going and going. Be careful and don’t feel run down or burn out! It’s easy to do.

Gate 30 is connected to the Solar Plexus and can be driven by an emotional energy to fulfill the desires. If you find this in your design be sure to wait out the emotional wave before you decide where to spend your energy. You may find this challenging because of the universal energies; however, when decisions are made emotionally and the timing is off you may experience a few detours along the way and feel some regrets. If you decide to “push” through anyway it’s okay. Enjoy the experience and what is revealed.

Both gates encourage us to stay in the “now”. Use the tools that you have accumulated to check-in and see if it is time to say “yes” to bring your idea into form. Are you are in alignment with the universal energies and embracing your strategies for success?

For the Manifestor it’s important to share your ideas with others which will help to release the pressure to create. Then you can reflect and decide if it’s the right time to bring it into form or if it’s time to let the idea go.

For the Manifesting Generator and Generator, please remember to check-in and wait for your response. Most of you feel it very physically and receive your confirmation through your “gut feeling”. This is a way that you know that the timing is right and you are in alignment to begin your project.

For the Projector, please remember that you will be more successful if you wait to be invited then check- in to see if it’s in alignment with your highest good to join a project or are you being invited by the universe to begin your own project?

So, this week you may feel like you are being pushed and pulled in different ways. These are the type of energies swirling around all of us right now. In addition to using your Human Design Strategies you can use deep breathing; connect with nature; and be patient.

Things flow much easier when you are in divine time rather than using your will to force something that isn’t ready to be birthed, so to speak. As you move through this week please notice what you notice that’s different when you employ your strategies and when you don’t!

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May Your Heart Be Filled
With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

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