Energy Shift for the Week of August 5, 2014

July has been a month filled with intense energy for us and many of our clients.

Have you felt it too?

Let’s see what was going on. In Numerology the current year, 2014, holds the vibrational energies of the number 7 and July, the 7th month, amplified these energies. So, what do these energies represent? The energies of the number 7 represent wisdom, spiritual journey, mystical, metaphysical, the sacred number as well as science, technology, research, and solitude.

Some might say that these energies can create feelings of conflict although we find more and more that science and the mystical are finding more in common. This year we find ourselves on a unique yet mystical journey of self-awakening and transformation to our ever evolving natural state of being.

Think about it. July was a 7 month and many of you may have felt like you received a double whammy of energy. We were invited to look at our self and notice how we respond to the experiences in our lives. On the one hand you had the journey of the mystical and on the other hand the experience of the mind or ego. These energies may have felt more introspective or contemplative.

Like the gates in Human Design the energies last month invited us to have patience and not to force things to happen. We were also invited to connect with our heart seeking wisdom and answers as well as deepen our connection with ourselves and our true and Divine nature.

August is a new month and brings new and different energies.

Change is one thing we can count on, isn’t it? How we move through it is part of our experience as well. Do you move and flow around obstacles like the river or do you want to force your way through them like a bulldozer? We can choose, can’t we?

August is an 8 in Numerology and brings the energy of finances, success, manifesting, organization and self-mastery. These are very strong and “take charge” types of energies.

We’ve looked at the impact of the vibration of numbers now we can see what is happening with Human Design. The energy of Gate 33 is in the Sun until Tuesday. We are invited to step back and make sure that we create from a new perspective. It’s time to “let go” of the old way of doing things and move out of our comfort zone. It’s time to “think out of the box” or “get rid of the box” entirely. All of us are invited to be creative and “make it ours”.

The shifts and integration that were experienced during the past month which included new insights; levels of trust; and perseverance create our foundation for this month. All of the new and vibrant energies for August support what is being created and brought into tangible form.

If you feel a little sensitive or emotional during this time just know it is Gate 19, in the earth, that grounds you. You may feel that you want to connect with loved ones or friends. You may also feel like there is a need to cry but you don’t know why. This is part of the cleansing and releasing process. It’s not necessary to know the details. Give yourself permission to express your feelings and know they will pass.

Wednesday we move from Gate 33 to Gate 7, the Gate of Self in Interaction. This is a leadership gate. Now you may begin to feel like wanting to “do” things and “take charge”. We are picking up the pace and feel the energy of the 8 activated.

Patience and balance are the things to be aware of during this time. Don’t be fooled by this very active and energetic time and like the energizer bunny keep going and going and going. These energies can feel like a double edged sword so to speak. On the one hand the energies encourage our creativity and we are inspired to create. On the other hand we don’t want you to burn out.

Those of you who are Generators or Manifesting Generators be consciously aware of the tendency to keep going until you exhaust yourself or you feel burned out. Manifestors, please remember to give yourselves permission to rest and take time to celebrate what is created. This is true for everyone. Projectors may feel like you want to jump on the creative train as well and your strategy to wait until you are invited will serve you well for there will be many opportunities to participate.

We are looking forward to an exciting journey and amazing month.

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May Your Heart Be Filled
With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

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