Energy Shift for the Week of July 20, 2014

Can you feel that the energies of last week have shifted? How do you feel?

Last week, we heard that many of you felt disconnected. In some cases you felt misunderstood or that there was a breakdown in communication. These energies even showed us stressful situations in the news and presented opportunities for all of us to connect to our heart and not our thoughts/minds.

When we use our thoughts/minds as our primary source we often make hasty decisions. How about your experience last week? Were you comfortable and centered in your heart or were your thoughts making you feel like a hamster running endlessly on its wheel and never stopping?

So, let’s look at the energy shift this week that many of you have already felt.

The Sun (outer expression of you or the Universe) shifted to Gate 56, the Storyteller. In the physical body this gate is connected to the Thyroid & Parathyroid glands. In Astrology it sits in the houses of Cancer & Leo. In the energy body it connects to the Throat Center which is all about speaking ones truth and teaching through story telling.

This week we are invited to speak our truth and receive insights and “Ah Ha” moments when we share. We had some great sharing experiences this weekend with the people who attended our workshop, Group Past Life Regression. We felt the energy connect strongly to the heart and stories were seen from different perspectives and in some cases rewritten as individual experiences were shared.

We also see the Earth energies that ground us are in Gate 60, the gate of Acceptance. This gate connects to the Adrenal gland in the physical body and appears in the Astrological houses of Capricorn & Aquarius. In the energy body it connects to the Root Center and is all about shifting the old into the new. Changing from what we are comfortable with into new ways of being isn’t always comfortable.

We are invited, this week, to shift our beliefs and rewrite the scripts; let go of our old stories; and change old habits and perceptions. We are invited to personally grow with the full support of the Universe. For some of you it may require taking that “leap of faith” as the door opens and you are invited to walk through so that individual change and transformation can take place.

Both of these gates work together and hold the vibration for each one of us to make the shift while our own unique experience is honored. We have the opportunity to be the student who is invited to listen or the teacher who is invited to share. In fact, don’t be surprised that in one moment you are the student and in the next you are the teacher. We shift roles easily as the experience shifts.

Each one of us processes our experiences and choices in different ways. Enjoy your way!

Using Human Design provides another way to better understand how we process our experiences and how to increase our success in interacting with others. If you want to experience change and transformation then the first place to look is within you.

When you experience these energies that make you feel like things aren’t moving fast enough what are ways to help you feel more supported and less impatient? For example, recently a Manifestor Generator shared that he was impatient and things weren’t happening fast enough. He wanted to skip steps to “make things happen”. Was he in flow or trying to force things? He recognized that he could help himself and chose to go to 2 Yoga sessions to relax and calm his mind. Once he felt more centered he became more patient and trusted that the time wasn’t right.

Each one of you has tools in your tool box so to speak; things that work for you to help you relax and calm; feel more centered. What are they? Do you pray, exercise, meditate, paint, walk, volunteer, cook, etc.? There is no right or wrong answer.

Remember we still are connected in the physical body through the Adrenal, Thyroid, and Parathyroid glands. Feeling and noticing your body’s response is important. These glands are the stress glands. Follow your heart and find the ways to de-stress that feel good to you.

Once you are centered and calm it becomes easier to follow your own inner authority and strategy of your Human Design Type. Can you take a few moments and just BE and allow? Create some space and don’t feel frustrated or guilty if your day isn’t jammed packed with activity. What does it feel like for you as you notice the stories that are ready to be rewritten?

Are you ready to shift and change?

If you do not have a Human Design Chart request a free Human Design Chart by clicking here.

May Your Heart Be Filled With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

p.s. Be sure to let us know how the energies are affecting you. Please share with those you love!

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