Energy Shift for the Week of July 27, 2014

Let’s take a look at the Gates during the past 6 days. During this time we were invited to speak our truth and for most people there were many insights and “Ah Ha” moments. We had the full support of the Universe to dance with the energy of the unexpected which supported us and invited us to take a big “leap of faith” and experience individual change and transformation. It’s been an exciting and transformational time hasn’t it?

What energies are emerging and shifting now?

The Sun (outer expression of you or the Universe) changed to Gate 31, the gate of Democracy in Astrology. It is in the house of Leo and in the physical body this gate is connected with the Thyroid & Parathyroid glands. These glands affect our body metabolism and rhythm among other things. Does a part of you feel like you want to rush ahead and force things to happen? Is the other part of you feeling like now isn’t the time? Patience.

Next, the Earth (energies that grounds us) changed to Gate 41, the gate of Fantasy. This gate connects to the Adrenal gland in the physical body and appears in the Astrological house of Aquarius. You may feel lots of mental energy going on and want to be “out of your body” so to speak. Extra grounding is helpful now. In addition, internal stress may be high. Now is a time to continue using your calming and centering tools.

Both Gates, this week, are a continuum of last week’s energies where we experienced some “Ah Ha” moments. The energy of Fantasy may appear as a new idea that you share but haven’t realized how deeply hidden in your cells’ memory it was buried. It is emerging and showing itself consciously now because it is time! You may feel the vibration of inspiration strongly but recognize that it won’t appear until it’s the right time. Then you can take appropriate action and bring it into form with ease and Grace.

Once again, be aware of your Human Design strategy to insure success. Are you waiting to be invited, responding, or informing?

Be aware that the gate of Democracy supports natural leadership energy. Waiting until leadership is recognized by others helps us be more effective as we serve and assist others. Once again, BE patient!

Through the ever evolving Universe we see that operating in an old paradigm where we want to make things happen no longer works for us and can deplete our energy. The new paradigm is to work smarter by being your true and authentic self, in flow, and not what or who others want you to be. Be intentional and conscious with your choices and actions.

How many of you feel uncomfortable when you aren’t super busy, have too much on your plate, and aren’t doing, doing, doing all of the time? In fact, when we continue operating in this mode we often take detours that often lead us on a merry chase and away from our goals.

Are you ready to try on a new way to BE this week? Breathe. Take deep breaths and ALLOW yourself to BE. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. When you are calm and check-in with your Higher Self, God, All That Is, whatever you name the ONE Source trust that the answers and timing will come. The Gates are connected to the stress glands so relax, “let go” and celebrate the journey not the destination.

Recap of the Strategies:

Manifestors are more successful when they inform others. Manifesting Generators & Generators are more successful when they wait to respond to an invitation. Projectors are more successful when they are invited. Following your strategy aligns you with right timing instead of being frustrated and disappointed when things don’t work out.

If you do not have a Human Design Chart request a free Human Design Chart by clicking here.

May Your Heart Be Filled With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

p.s. Be sure to let us know how the energies are affecting you. Please share with those you love!

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