Energy Shift for the Week of September 15, 2014

Surrender. This is the strategy for success with this week’s energy.

Gate 6, in the Sun, and Gate 36, in the Earth are in the emotional Solar Plexus. Surrendering and waiting out emotional waves of energy before you make any decisions will be your best way of approaching whatever comes your way this week.Gate 6 is also known as the Gate of Conflict and this energy wants to find solutions and resolve things. This week you are dealing with balancing amplified high emotional energies that that can inflame circumstances or calm them. Since Gate 6 is a tribal energy and it gets tested by others. This gate has a strong auric field that is looking for intimacy and pulls you in to connect. It’s very easy to take things personal. Remember that whatever you receive in the moment is only amplified energy.

The greatest tool that you can use at this time is to wait and let the emotional wave pass to balance your energy. So deep breathing, meditating and checking in with the strategy of your type is very helpful before you make any decision.

Gate 36 is also known as the Gate of Crisis and it has no patience. It’s easy to feel all of your emotional buttons pushed this week. Again, be sure and check in when you feel impulsive and ask, “Is this mine or someone else’s energy?” The energy of this gate wants action and wants it now. You may find yourself feeling easily bored and unknowingly may choose to create a crisis just to be busy. Before you find yourself in this situation remember to stop; take a few deep breaths; and then ask your Higher Self, “Is this (whatever you’re considering) in my highest good?” Listen for the response and then make your decision.

In the physical body we find that both Gates are connected to the Kidneys and Pancreas. During this week it is easy to hold on to energies of criticism, disappointment, failure, shame and feeling like you can’t see the sweetness of life. You may even feel some fear; fear of success and/or fear of failing. Listen to your body and if you feel discomfort or disharmony in these areas ask your Higher Self to restore and rebalance your physical body and biology.

Be aware of your physical body this week. It is a reflection of the energies that you are experiencing. Relax, breathe, and let go of the emotional wave to clear the energies that you are holding and are not in alignment with who you are.

Although you may feel more emotionally driven and want things resolved before they are ready to be remembering your strategy for success can help. For the Manifestor it is important to inform others. If not you may find there is no support for what you want to accomplish. For you Manifesting Generators, inform others and wait to respond before making your decision. If you move too quickly which is a natural tendency then you may find that a better solution would have appeared if you had waited. This is also true for Generators who respond too quickly although you don’t have to inform others like the Manifestor and Manifesting Generator to be successful. Projectors remember you have greater success when you are invited to participate and for you Reflectors waiting out the 28 days of lunar energies before you make your decision increases your success.

The key to navigating the energies this week is PATIENCE.

Wait until the emotions have settled. Know which energies are yours and which are not before you respond. Let go of the ones that aren’t yours. Take time to be still. Go within and seek your answers. Quiet your thoughts. Trust your guidance once you are centered. Consciously choose to laugh, giggle, and have some fun. Remember that the energies will shift again! WooHoo!

May Your Heart Be Filled
With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

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