Energy Shift – July 7th – 12th

This week’s Energy Shift is from July 7th – 12th…

Each one of you may feel energies uniquely through your own DNA Design. We can read Astrology reports; connect with the energies of the plants; connect with Numerology Numbers or the Human Design gates. These are a few of the tools that provide us with information on the celestial weather report and what is going on with the universal energies. How we feel these energies may be different from how you feel them. This is exactly how it’s supposed to be.

This week you might experience mixed feelings. Gate 53, in the Sun (outer expression), is all about new beginnings, getting things started and finally moving forward. On the other hand there are still things that need to be completed so that you can feel done with them. Now is the time for the amazing energy of patience to come in and you may feel that your emotions get tested. Being patient often presents challenges for many people.

Gate 54, the gate that grounds us is in the earth, is about big dreams and visions and this energy is a great activator to move us towards new goals. It also gives us the energy to start. You may even feel like sharing your visions with others so they can assist you.

In Human Design we look at the energies and connect them to your Type and Strategy. Both gates are still connected to the Adrenal gland in your physical body that, when stressed, can affect you emotionally and you may feel fatigued. Both of these gates are connected to the root center.

So here are a few ways to look at the energies.

When you have an open root and head Center you definitely can feel the pressure of this energy.

Remember if you are a Generator or a Manifesting Generator you will be more successful if you “check in” before responding to others so that you don’t begin something that is not truly yours to do.

Manifestors will experience more success if you “inform” others and have patience to collaborate with others. You don’t have to do it all yourself.
Projectors experience greater success if you are “invited” to participate in new projects then “check in” to see if the invitation is right for you. Remember we all have free will.

For anyone with the defined root will feel the pulsation of the root. When it’s “on” you may feel energized and ready to go and when it’s “off” you may feel like taking a nap or hibernating. In either situation it’s all about “right timing” and being patient.

Remember your strategy for success as you navigate these energies this week. It will help you move through them with less stress.

We would love to hear from you. Your feedback is appreciated. Do you find this weekly information helpful?

Many Blessings & May your Heart
Be Filled with Joy and Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

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