Introduction To Human Design System

Human Design System

Human Design is a relatively new way of understanding yourself and the world around you through a complex synthesis of several ancient belief systems and modern science. Some examples of the elements that Human Design fuses together are Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Kabalah, the Hindu Chakra System, Quantum Physics, Biology and Genetics.

The Human Design system is a perfect symbiosis of both science and the belief and idea of something bigger than ourselves.

The man who developed this amazing system’s name is, Ra Uru Hu. In 1987, the world witnessed an amazing cosmic event. A giant star called Supernova 1987A was dying before our very eyes in a massive and beautiful stellar explosion. While the world watched in wonder at the beauty and rarity of such an event, Ra Uru Hu was in Ibiza, Spain experiencing something mystical. or eight consecutive days he was called upon by a “voice” to write down information that was relayed to him. his information would eventually form the basis for the science of Human Design.

After all of the information was recorded, Ra Uru Hu spent two years studying and learning all he had written in order to gain a deep understanding of the information. From what he gathered, all humans had been simultaneously given the same information he had been given during the explosion of the star. He was just fortunate enough to have become aware of it in his waking consciousness. For the next sixteen years he traveled far and wide bringing the techniques of Human Design to people all around the world.

One of the easiest ways to gain a quick benefit from Human Design is to get to know your “type.” There are five different Human Design types and each one unique and essential to the balance of humanity in its own way.

      1. The Manifestor
      2. The Generator
      3. The Manifesting Generator
      4. The Projector
      5. The Reflector

Once you identify your type, you can easily begin to understand more about yourself and the nature of your innate personality. The most important thing you can learn from your type is the strategy that you should use in order to make the best decisions for your life based on that type.

Get your free Human Design chart now and find out your Human Design type and the strategies for them.

Gisela Arenas
Human Design Specialist


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