Human Design Weekly Gate Transits

We are moving closer to a new month, May . . . It is all about new beginnings, like the spring of the Soul.

The sun for this week is in gate 24, the gate of Rationalization.  You can find this gate leading from the Head to the Ajna.

The energy of gate 24 reminds us to look and see if there is still something not in alignment.  Does something still need to be cleaned up before you move in to the new beginning?  Have you been justifying and rationalizing ideas and situations that no longer serve you? Can you shift and let go of them to start fresh and new?

On the other hand, when there is something you truly know is yours to do have patience and faith that the energy of new beginnings can help to make it flow effortlessly.

The earth is in gate 44 and it is in alignment with the sun. This gate asks you to let go of the past and get ready to embrace the new.  Remember, gate 44 is connected to the spleen and has a fear of repeating the past. Relax and remember that you have free will and can choose to “let go” by using the tools you have to shift that vibration.

With the energy shift of new beginnings coming in and planting new ideas you can also see many shifts and changes that are happening on a global level. Some we may like and others may be a surprise!

Have a wonderful week that is filled with Laughter, Joy and much Love,


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