Human Design Weekly Gate Transits – May 3rd

Here are new energies of the gates for the week.

On Saturday we had our big 5th Anniversary party…yes Storm Wisdom is growing up and has moved out of the toddler stages. WooHoo.

I feel many of our clients including myself have gone through an amazing growth and change this last year and it was a perfect time to celebrate.

So the celebration was in alignment with the energies yesterday the change from letting go to enjoy, celebrate, and not worry and maybe spend a little money. (Gate 2 in the Sun)

I like to start this time with the energy of gate 1 that is in the earth (G center) it is the energy of self-expression that pushes us to move forward to fulfill our purpose.  With the gate 2 (G center) in the sun we are receiving the support from the universe to manifest our greatest desires. We are the creators of our destiny.

The energies this week within gate 1 where you can question oneself and ask; Am I living out my purpose? What am I supposed to do with my life…Is this keeping you up at night and pondering what is your next step.

Just remember that within the G or identity center resides the soul.  Both energies this week connected to the G opens you up to push through your Soul’s Desires when it is the right time.  So feeling a little anxious this week can be possible.

So the gate 2 is all about resources also money…sometimes with this energy we feel that we spend too much. The energy is also here to support us on our soul’s journey.

Have a wonderful week filled with laughter and Joy.


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