Human Design Weekly Gate Transits

This week’s Human Design Gate Transits is all about values with the sun being in the Gate 27.

Check in and ask the question, “Am I true to my values and do I live my life in integrity?”

The Gate 27 holds the energies of responsibility so you can check in and see if you are overextending yourself or even finding yourself having the feeling of guilt coming up.
Yes this is a gate of compassion and helping others, yet not taking on the problems of others.

The Earth that grounds us is in Gate 28–the gate of struggle.

In Human Design, struggle gives us the opportunity to grow; the opportunity to recheck our values; and what we are committed to. Since the gate 28 is rooted in the spleen. You just have to watch out for the energy of fear. Check if you are on track and see if what you feel is correct for you and let be guided by your emotions.

The energies of the other planets are still in the gates of high vibrations that guide big ideas and right timing.

For me the energies are so in alignment with how I felt the shift yesterday. I just did not have a language for it. My computer is helping me with the energy of struggle.

Remember each gate has a lower and higher vibration — you can check for yourself where you feel you are.

I hope this Human Design weekly gate transit insight is helpful.

Have a wonderful week that is filled with Laughter, Joy and much Love,


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