Energy Shift for the Week of September 22, 2014

 The energy this week is all about balance and
being all that you are — a Divine human being!

We are beginning this week with the New Moon Autumn Equinox in Libra. This energy is very supportive as we begin to rebalance ourselves. Have you felt a little disconnected or experienced a variety of emotions lately? These energies are leaving now and shifting.

After the intense emotional energies of the last few weeks we are asked to reflect and “check in” with our physical body. Why? It’s time to realign our energies and experience more balance, unconditional self-love, and Love from All That Is.

Our physical body often reflects what is going on in all aspects of our life. It gives us a wealth of information if we just listen and hear what it’s telling us. What kind of relationship do you have with your physical body right now?

This week the energies of the Sun and the Earth gates are connected to the identity Center. This is where we connect with the energy of love and direction for one self. In Human Design it is also the Center where the soul resides.

The Sun (outer expression) is in Gate 46 which expresses the Love of Body. Here it is all about the physical embodiment of Love. Love is who you are. Why not embrace the full essence of you?

We are reminded that we are living in a physical body and we are also connected to All That Is.

  • Do you appreciate your physical body and take care of it
    with healthy food, rest, and exercise?
  • Are you listening to your body?

During your quiet moments take a few deep breaths and relax. As you become more consciously aware of what you believe about your body and your relationship with it ask, “What do I need to do in order to maintain whole and radiant health?” Remember, your body is not you; however, it is a beautiful home where your eternal Soul resides. Why not treat it like royalty? Why not give it the best care possible? In this time and place it is the only home your eternal soul has. Be in right relationship with it. BE the Love that you are.

The grounding energy of the Earth is in Gate 25, the Love of Spirit. Here you are invited to connect with the universal energy of Divine Love. At this time it’s important to be grounded in your physical body as you connect with your Higher Self.

For some of you this connection may feel like soaring through the clouds and cosmos and you may find it difficult to ground to the Earth. In fact, you may feel like you want to stay in the clouds so to speak. It is important to remain grounded in your physical body during these times. Remember, you are both of the Earth and All That Is.

What can help you stay grounded as you build your relationship with the highest aspect of you–your Higher Self? Breathe. Use grounding crystals to help you anchor your physical body to the earth or imagine silver chains around your ankles that anchor deep within the core of Mother Earth’s womb. Once you feel anchored then invite your High Self to be consciously present. Ask, “Help me feel and accept the essence of healing energy and the gift of Divine Love now.” Allow yourself to feel unconditional Love that is freely given.

Everyone has a choice and is able to connect with this energy. Be open to receive it. For some of you it can be a very physical feeling in your body. It can come through a beautiful message that someone shares with you. For some of you the catalyst may be music or just being in someone’s energy field. All of these ways can provide the beautiful feeling of Love and acceptance. Everyone experiences it differently and you may experience it in several ways. There is no right or wrong way. Be open to ask and receive. The more aware you are of this energy, the relationship with your High Self and how unconditional Love feels you may be able to recognize this energy in others.

Remember that your Human Design strategies for success will be enhanced as you are centered in right relationship with your body and your High Self. For Manifestors, please remember to inform others about what you are doing. Manifesting Generators, remember to inform and wait to respond before you act. Generators, please remember to wait to respond before you act. Projectors will experience more success when they are invited to participate. Be aware that each person you meet is on their own journey of awakening and has their own strategy for success which may be different from yours.

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May Your Heart Be Filled
With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

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Energy Shift for the Week of September 15, 2014

Surrender. This is the strategy for success with this week’s energy.

Gate 6, in the Sun, and Gate 36, in the Earth are in the emotional Solar Plexus. Surrendering and waiting out emotional waves of energy before you make any decisions will be your best way of approaching whatever comes your way this week.Gate 6 is also known as the Gate of Conflict and this energy wants to find solutions and resolve things. This week you are dealing with balancing amplified high emotional energies that that can inflame circumstances or calm them. Since Gate 6 is a tribal energy and it gets tested by others. This gate has a strong auric field that is looking for intimacy and pulls you in to connect. It’s very easy to take things personal. Remember that whatever you receive in the moment is only amplified energy.

The greatest tool that you can use at this time is to wait and let the emotional wave pass to balance your energy. So deep breathing, meditating and checking in with the strategy of your type is very helpful before you make any decision.

Gate 36 is also known as the Gate of Crisis and it has no patience. It’s easy to feel all of your emotional buttons pushed this week. Again, be sure and check in when you feel impulsive and ask, “Is this mine or someone else’s energy?” The energy of this gate wants action and wants it now. You may find yourself feeling easily bored and unknowingly may choose to create a crisis just to be busy. Before you find yourself in this situation remember to stop; take a few deep breaths; and then ask your Higher Self, “Is this (whatever you’re considering) in my highest good?” Listen for the response and then make your decision.

In the physical body we find that both Gates are connected to the Kidneys and Pancreas. During this week it is easy to hold on to energies of criticism, disappointment, failure, shame and feeling like you can’t see the sweetness of life. You may even feel some fear; fear of success and/or fear of failing. Listen to your body and if you feel discomfort or disharmony in these areas ask your Higher Self to restore and rebalance your physical body and biology.

Be aware of your physical body this week. It is a reflection of the energies that you are experiencing. Relax, breathe, and let go of the emotional wave to clear the energies that you are holding and are not in alignment with who you are.

Although you may feel more emotionally driven and want things resolved before they are ready to be remembering your strategy for success can help. For the Manifestor it is important to inform others. If not you may find there is no support for what you want to accomplish. For you Manifesting Generators, inform others and wait to respond before making your decision. If you move too quickly which is a natural tendency then you may find that a better solution would have appeared if you had waited. This is also true for Generators who respond too quickly although you don’t have to inform others like the Manifestor and Manifesting Generator to be successful. Projectors remember you have greater success when you are invited to participate and for you Reflectors waiting out the 28 days of lunar energies before you make your decision increases your success.

The key to navigating the energies this week is PATIENCE.

Wait until the emotions have settled. Know which energies are yours and which are not before you respond. Let go of the ones that aren’t yours. Take time to be still. Go within and seek your answers. Quiet your thoughts. Trust your guidance once you are centered. Consciously choose to laugh, giggle, and have some fun. Remember that the energies will shift again! WooHoo!

May Your Heart Be Filled
With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

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Energy Shift for the Week of September 8, 2014

How many of you have felt the powerful lunar energies this week?Not only is there a Full Moon to experience its amplified energy created a Harvest Moon.

The Full Moon gives us the opportunity each month to take a clear look at what is happening in our lives so we can decide if we need to make changes. For this month we have the emotional wave of the Piscean energy. You may feel more emotional than usual. Yes, for some of you it might mean shedding tears. It’s ok. Allow the energies to move through you. They are not you! Feel the healing and cleansing power of this energy.

Remember that whatever is going on in your body, mind and spirit will be amplified. For those of you who live in Arizona you may have felt this energy with the recent thunderstorm that poured down a tremendous amount of rain. You can think of it like a natural emotional cleansing. How did it feel to you?

This week began with Gate 64, the gate of Confusion which is in the Sun, and Gate 63, the gate of Doubt which is in the Earth. We are invited to experience and use abstract thinking even though we don’t know how to bring things into form. You may feel like you want to do, do, do. This isn’t the time. The energy of logic which we find in Gate 63 invites us to trust our intuition and wait for the right time to create and bring things into form.

Regardless of what is going on in our lives before or during the Full Moon energy we have so many opportunities to look at ourselves more clearly. We are invited to reflect and ask, “Am I living my highest joy? Am I ready to “let go” of the things that don’t bring me joy or release any long held regrets?”

On Wednesday, the 10th through the 16th there will be a shift in the Sun. We move to the gate of Realizations which is about working out life’s great puzzles. Problem solving and abstract thinking may appear in conflict once again. It is important to release expectations and ask, “How will I bring this into form?” Give yourself permission to wait for the answer to come in a magical way.

This isn’t the time to “force” anything using your will.

Once again trust is so important. Notice how you receive consistent answers that are right for you. Do you “know”, “feel”, “smell”, or “hear” when it’s right? Remember the times when you have done this and everything happened easily. Relax breathe and trust.

The Earth gate that grounds us is also shifting to Gate 22, the gate of Openness or Grace. This gate is connected to your Solar Plexus and provides you with an opportunity to experience the true meaning of grace and beauty in others and within YOU.

If you feel like you want to “fix” someone notice the energy and how it feels. Remember that there is nothing to “fix”. Accept where they are. Accept where you are and then take a few deep breaths; find your center and balance; and connect with All That Is then re-discover your own inner power and beauty. Ahhhh! Once you feel your own inner beauty and grace then it is easier to see it in others.

Whether you are a Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator, Projector, or Reflector please allow yourself to be in flow and play in the energies this week. Can you be more the observer with less or no attachment? Remember that you have many tools to use from your tool kit that can help you. Each one of you is unique so trust what strategies and tools work for you!

We appreciate you for being with us on this journey. If you need any guidance we are here to assist you.

May Your Heart Be Filled
With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

p.s. We post the Energy Shifts on our blog each week, so stop by, comment and share with those you love.

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Energy Shift for the Week of September 1, 2014

Are you taking things personally right now?

The energy that surrounds us currently may feel very personal and for some of you it may bring up a lot of emotions. It’s ok. Remember, these energies will shift very soon.

Writing about the weekly energy shifts and connecting with different energies each day helps us see the greater picture. It really helps to put things into perspective doesn’t it? It helps us recognize what’s going on outside of us within the planetary system and brings what we feel into our consciousness in different ways.

Why is this important?

Ask yourself, “Is what I’m feeling mine or does it belong to someone else?” This is important because if what you feel is from energies that you have “picked up” then you can ask to have them released before you own the energy and it becomes very personal. Does this make sense?

For example, take a look at the last couple of days. How have you felt? Have you felt more emotional, lonely, and seeking connections with others more than usual?

Gate 40, in the sun (outer expression), is connected to the Heart/Will Center and likes to work hard. It wants alone time and sometimes this means you can feel lonely while being alone. This is a paradox that can be confusing while being in this energy. Having alone time doesn’t always feel lonely does it? In fact, for many alone time is a time to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate.

The Earth Gate 37 which grounds us is the gate of Friendship and is connected to the Solar Plexus which hold our emotions. Many of you may be looking for peace, harmony, and community right now. With both gates there can be the feeling of wanting to be alone and yet want to be with friends at the same time. A little conflict, right?

As we said earlier, the energy of the gates will shift on Thursday!

Gate 64, the gate of Confusion, is in the Sun and Gate 63, the gate of Doubt, is in the Earth. Both gates are connected in your physical body and biology to the Pineal Gland and to the Head Center.

This change brings a big energetic shift. It brings the possibility of a more abstract thinking style where seeing the greater picture becomes easier even if some of the pieces are missing. Gate 64 is connected to the right brain, the more creative part, where you can receive large chunks of downloads at a time. One moment there is nothing and the next moment you can feel inspired. In the moment you may feel a little confused and ask, “How am I going to manifest my new ideas?”

This energy is very visual and it resides all in the head. Remember, you may want to do something right away; however, it is best to wait for the right time for your idea to come into form. Remain in flow and remember that when you try to “force” the idea into form it may not be easy or as rich as if waited until it was ready to be created. Have you experienced this before?

Gate 63, in the Earth, contains the energy of logic and needs proof. It is harder to trust your intuition at this time. This gate supports logical thinking and often relies on a mathematical and sequential approach which wants to follow each step in order. Do you see how important it is to trust the intuition of Gate 64 and not let “doubt” pressure you to find answers before it is time and then force the idea into form before it is ready?

During this time remember Manifestors, Manifesting Generators, Generators, Projectors and Reflectors that using your strategy and tools of breathing, meditating and just allowing can be helpful to let the inspiration flow and come into form in the right time.

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We are on this journey of life and appreciate you for being with us on this adventure. If you want to integrate Human Design and Numerology on a deeper level, we are here to assist you.

May Your Heart Be Filled
With Joy & Love Always,

Gisela & Victoria

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Human Design Types: Projector, Generator, Manifestor, Manifesting Generator & Reflector

There are five different Human Design Types, each one essential and unique for humanity’s balance in its own way.

Once you identify your type, (we offer a free chart) you can begin to learn more about the nature of your innate personality. One of the most important things is the strategy that you should use for your Human Design type in order to make the better decisions for your life based on that type.

Here are a few brief descriptions of each Human Design type and the strategies for them:


Manifestors make up around only 8% of the population. Manifestors possess a great initiating energy. They have the ability to start many things, but this can be concerning to others who feel like they can’t keep up with the Manifestor or are unsure of what they will do next. Because of this, the strategy of the Manifestor is to inform. It is essential to the success of the Manifestor to inform those around them of their plans or intentions in order to keep others from feeling overwhelmed by their incredible need to constantly starting new things. This is very important in the grand scheme because the Manifestor gives the other four types something to respond to. Manifestors envision and the rest of us achieve that vision


The Generators make up around 37% of the world. Generators are the workhorses of the world and are meant to take the dreams of others and turn them into reality. Generators have the ability to work on a task until completion, even if that means risking complete and utter exhaustion. Generators have a purely responsive energy. As a result of this, the strategy for the Generator is to wait to respond. Generators should not go out into the world initiating action, but instead wait for an opportunity to present itself and then make a decision about the opportunity after asking themselves whether or not this is the appropriate action for me right now.


Next are the Manifesting Generators who make up about 34% of those around us. Manifesting Generators are exactly whom they sound like, exhibiting qualities of both a Manifestor and a Generator, thus making them a very complicated and unique type. When presented with an opportunity a Manifesting Generator will experience an initial gut response, if they feel in favor of the opportunity that will spark the next phase for them, which is to respond and begin working. As a Manifesting Generator it is imperative that you be patient and wait to find the work that is truly right for you. This will allow you to tap into that inexhaustible energy and achieve at your full potential.


Projectors make up 20% the population. Projectors have no defined Sacral energy, and because of this they are literally incapable of initiating action. They in turn, take the energy of others around them and mold it into something usable. Projectors are the leaders and the mentors of the world. Once someone recognizes them for their knowledge and value a Projector can help guide that person in the right direction. It is very important for the Projector to be patient and wait for others to seek them out for advice. Searching for others to share their seemingly bottomless well of knowledge with can leave a Projector feeling exhausted and frustrated. Because of this, the strategy for the Projector is to wait to be invited.


Reflectors are rare beings indeed, making up around only 1% of the population. Just looking at the chart of a Reflector can show you why they are so unique. They possess no defined centers and have a very white and open chart. Reflectors are mirrors that give us a clear picture of the environment around of us. If the Reflectors in our lives are happy and healthy, that is usually a sign that our environment is happy and healthy and that all others are correctly working their own types to their proper potential. Since Reflectors are Lunar beings, their strategy is to wait at least 28 days before making a concrete decision. This way they can properly identify whether or not the decision is truly right for them.

Once you have a fair grasp of your strategy and your type, you can gain even further insight by reviewing your chart. When reviewing your Human Design Chart, there are many things to consider, but first you may be wondering, “what is my chart type”?

Get your free chart here and learn more about what your Human Design Chart will show you.

Gisela Arenas
Human Design Specialist