Human Design Weekly Gate Transits – May 15th to May 21st

In case you have felt that you were a little in your head lately you can just blame the energies of the gates and planet alignment for it. Don’t take it personally. I believe that everyone can feel it.

Gate 23 is in the sun and gate 43 is in the earth. They are just energies in your head. You might feel like you want to ponder a little more about your own projects.  You may even have a hard time with listening to what others have to say right now.

Remember, we are in May which has the energy of experiencing our inner spring. It’s all about the journey of the soul. Just like we water flowers so we can see them grow we allow our soul to live out its’ highest expression and celebrate its’ growth.

These are exactly the energies that we are moving into. The gate of the sun will be in the 8 and the gate of the earth in the 14. When this happens we are called to be real and truly except our self for who we are and let others connect with our authentic self.

Gate 14 is also about abundance and supports you in moving forward to believe in your dreams and know that you are supported.

We are in a time of “letting go” and invited to be a part of the amazing transformation that is taking place on all levels. Mercury, in gate 16, is telling us that we are ready to fly. This Leadership gate gives us support to step into this role and the only thing that we have to watch out for is the “control” gate 21 that is in Venus. Remember, the energies of the planet Venus are all about what we value.  So, be sure to check in and see if “being in control” still has a hold on you.

I like to remind you the most important step for you is always to check in and respond with the energies of your strategies of your type and you will be fine.

Here’s a brief reminder about the strategies:

  • Manifestors have to inform others and be informed.
  • Manifesting Generators and Generators have to wait to respond until they get clarity.
  • Projectors have to be invited and invite others.

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Many Blessings & May your Heart Be Filled with Joy and Love Always


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