Weekly Energy Shift – July 1st to July 6th

Here we are again in a new Month with energies that give us new experiences and opportunities to evolve and shift. The energy of the planets each day and month can influence the way we feel on any given day. How we respond to these energies is our responsibility. We always have a choice.

Last week the sun was in gate 52, the energy of stillness, and the earth in gate 58, the energy of joy. These energies invited us to look deep within ourselves and explore what really gives us joy. For each one of us it is different.

We were also invited to explore what, if any, shifts and changes we wanted to make about moving into the higher vibration of accepting all that we are. When we accept ourselves and use our Human Design awareness and strategy for success we can more easily move into the energy of unconditional love for self and others.

This week we shift from the sun in gate 52 to gate 39, the gate of provocation. This gate is also connected through astrology in the house of cancer as well as the Adrenal Gland in our physical body. Like the gates’ name you may feel provoked and challenged this week. You may want to push the limits of connecting to your true essence and want to trust that Source is your guide. You may feel like you are strongly supported even though you can’t see the bigger picture in the moment. Remember that sometimes others play a part in the bigger picture so don’t let yourself feel irritated if it doesn’t seem to be coming together when you want. Patience!

Last week the earth was in gate 58, childlike joy, and moved today to gate 38, the gate of the fighter. Did you connect last week with your energy of joy? Do you remember what joy feels like? When you feel the energy of poking and provoking this week take a deep breath and remember the energy of joy and what it feels like. It is a part of the true essence of who you truly are. Let this energy prevail and let go of feeling irritated or provoked.

This week it is about empowerment and remaining true one self. Be the observer and connect with Spirit who has all the answers and knows that there are no mistakes; only experiences. Each one of us has a choice and free will.

This week also includes the 4th of July Holiday. What a great energy for fireworks and celebrating the energy of expansion and for Victoria, the birthday girl, there’s an opportunity to enjoy and celebrate her special day on the 4th.

We love you,

Gisela & Victoria

p.s. Delve deeper into your Human Design with Gisela’s assistance.

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