Weekly Energy Shift – June 25th to June 30th

Hello Ladies,

I am back from my trip and thank you for your well wishes.

During the past six days gate 15 has been in the Sun and gate 10 in the earth. This energy was very powerful and might have felt challenging at the same time.

Gate 15 represents Extremes and is always looking to find its Rhythm. So here you can feel the ups and downs and they may feel more extreme at times.  Since it was paired with gate 10, the gate of Love of Self and empowerment, you may have felt that energy pushing and didn’t know what was going on.

In the physical body both gates represent the Liver. The physical body is an important system that lets us know what’s going on at many levels. So we are beginning to share this connection with you. You may have felt more emotional than usual and didn’t know what was going on. You might have experienced the emotions that may have been held in the liver over time; like anger, bitterness, or feelings of being depressed as they moved through the gall bladder. Your physical body and these emotions were finding a rhythm while they transformed to more peace and acceptance.

Today, the gates have shifted to the 52 which is the gate of stillness in the Sun and the 58 which is the gate of joy in the earth. Both gates are connected with the Adrenal Gland. If your adrenals are over stressed you may feel a need for more balance and rest.

So what does this mean? This is a time to go within, meditate or pray. Create some quiet time for yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Check in and see if this is a time of rest or action for you. Use your strategy for your type because with the 58, the gate of childlike joy, you may feel an adrenal rush and like you want to do too many things at once. If this happens it’s possible to miss out on the joy and move into the lower energies of the gate.

Use your tools that work best for you to quiet your thoughts. Celebrate the amazing you and know that everything has its divine timing.

Have fun this week and let your inner child play; however, that looks for you. Keep it simple! Smile, laugh, and giggle. Skip or finger paint too!

We love you,

Gisela & Victoria

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