Weekly Energy Shift – May 27th to June 1st

This week for me seems to fit with the energies that we are connected to at this time.

I could feel on Monday and Tuesday the fast energy of gate 16 that is in the Sun. It is called the gate of Enthusiasm; however, it does not have the depths to bring things in to form.

The earth that grounds us is in gate 9 which is called focus because the energy of this gate likes to start many things and has a hard time finishing them.

So what does this all mean for you? I can just give you an example of the energies I am experiencing in my life right now.

Last week I talked about the busy Manifesting Generator energies, gates 34-20.  So My Manifesting Generator daughter with this channel planned her wedding 1 year ago which included celebrating over 2 weekends. The first weekend, last weekend, was her wedding in San Diego with a small number attending. This weekend is the celebration/reception here in Tempe AZ for a large group.  For her it is all perfect. She is being supported and feels comfortable with the Universal energies that we are in right now. For me, I found myself having to make boundaries so I chose to come home early and not participate in a group gathering at Sea World on the day after the wedding.  I chose not to overextend myself and it was all perfect for her and for me.

So how does it look for me this week? Here in my home there are projects started everywhere for the celebration this Friday. I am also making the wedding cake so the word focus is something that I have been using for the last few days and that is why you have not received this report yet. There is lots of excitement going on in my home.

In addition, my brother called earlier in the week and told me my mom made her transition so I will be leaving for Germany for a couple of weeks to help take care of things. Victoria and I spoke about beginning a monthly EMPOWER-U call; however, we are putting this on hold until I return from Germany and will keep you posted.

How is it for you? Are you stimulated by enthusiasm or feel a pressure to do many things at once? Just know this energy is here to bring the lightness out in us. Things do not have to be perfect. Not all of it has to be put in to form. This energy is more about prioritizing and meditating on what really needs to be done first.

Being conscious of the Universal energy as they continue to shift show us how these energies support us and help us to get more in tune with ourselves and our interesting journey. We always have a choice how we experience them.

My heart is filled with much love for each one of you.


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